Announcement of a China joint-venture between Linco Baxo
group of companies and CMP Contract Mixing Plant
The companies:
Li nco Baxo indust rie refra ttari spa
Via C. Boncompagni 51/8 20139 Milano – Italy
Add: Rm B-13B, The Mansion of Triumphal Ar ch,66
Nanjing Rd.,Tianjin – PR China

Have the pleasure to announce that effective this day, a joint venture has been formed to manufacture a selected range of Linco Baxo unshaped refractories at CMP Tianjin plant, which will then be distributed by Linco Baxo group of companies in Asia and Oceania to heavy industries.
Linco Baxo he adquarte red in Milano, Italy, with different production facilities in Italy, subsidiaries in United Kingdom, Benelux, Germany, Austria and a network of distributors and agents worldwide, is a leading and well-known organisation specializing in the production and sale of monolithic refractories blocks and shapes and the provision of engineering services to multiple industries.
CMP is a leading supplier of Chinese minerals to worlds market ; its main plant is located in Tianjin and the main mineral businesses include bauxite, mullites, fused alumina, chamotte, kaolin, magnesite, silicon carbide, fluorspar and a growing range of other minerals and auxiliaries .
The outcome of this alliance will be the production by CMP in China of a selected range of Linco Baxo specialties, mainly targeted to the requirements of re he at furnace linings , and the provision of engineering and supervision service s by the Linco Baxo group to Asia and Oceania.
This alliance of these two ISO 9000 companies will provide the customer with an absolute assurance of performance based on mo re than 100 years of combined experience

We are loo king forward to sharing our expertise with you.