General fetures of potential agent


We are currently seeking a suitable agent to market our full range of refractory consumables into various industry in countries or industrial fields which actually are not covered by our network.
The ideal profile of a partner is a trading company or a professional who sell consumables to heavy industries , can provide sales and service with contacts at the most senior and at operational levels.
We would initially wish to target our sales efforts into the following industries:

  • –  Steel industries
  • –  Cement and lime industries
  • –  Metallurgical industries
  • –  Glass
  •   Petrochem
  • –  Foundries
  • –  Power stations
  • –  Incinerators
  • –  Ceramic and heavy clay industries

We supply monolithic refractories and special shapes and blocks for a wide range of applications in the metallurgical, cement, lime and combustion industries.

Our technical department is at disposal for drawings, engineering and thermal calculations for lining customization.

Suggested areas for this market are electric arc furnace launders and delta sections, tundish and ladle safety linings, reheating furnaces, blast furnaces troughs, foundry ladle linings, incinerators, cement and lime kilns, aluminium smelter anode bake ovens, incinerators , coke oven doors , container glass industries , refineries , heavy clay producers & sanitaryware manufacturers

We look forward to your reply giving information about your company and its activities in the different fields of industries.

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