During 1983 a modern integrated plant was built in Italy at Levate (BG), in the middle of the MILANO-BRESCIA- BERGAMO industrial area.
In the following years LINCO BAXO has built up a reputation in the refractory market and new production units were added to increase capacity up to 50.000 tons/year.
A sophisticated computerized system which monitors the production process was installed at the same time. High  quality  materials,  secured  through  its  own  Research  and  Development  department,  and  international qualifications allow LINCO BAXO to meet the highest standards of its domestic and foreign customers.
Today LINCO BAXO is a leading manufacturer of refractory monolithics, castables, gunning mixes, ramming mixes, mouldables, concretes, cements in alumina, aluminosilicate, magnesia, silicon carbide, zirconia, chromite and graphitics identified by product names Linco-Baxo-Kero-Sirma.

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