Since 1949, the year of its foundation, Linco Baxo group of companies has developed to achieve a leading position in the production of refractory materials. Thanks to the high quality standards of its production program, the Linco, Baxo, Kero, Maref and Sirma brands are now known internationally. Availability of production resources, excellent quality, reliable and safe service have ensured the continuous development of the group as a renowned refractories manufacturer.
Our researchers and production technicians are able to develop both standard products and products aimed at solving specific customer needs.
The technical staff is able to perceive what are the developments of the market, in order to verify and better meet the needs of customers.
The company continuously invests in Research, Development and Training, as the general strategy not only meets current needs, but anticipates the needs of tomorrow.
The close cooperation maintained at every level, as well as the experience and expertise of engineering, represent the logical support for modern production capacities.


Schedule of laboratory test

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