The first company of the group , CCIA Milano n°. 380983, was established and opened up its activity as trader.

During that period of expansion first generation of refractory monolithics were imported and traded domestically.

First LEVATE plant was built (present work INFO 1 at LINCO BAXO industrie refrattari S.p.A.).

Licence agreement with LINCO GmbH-ST.AUGUSTIN (D).

Development of LCC castables LICOFEST PL.

Second LEVATE plant was purchased (present work INFO 2 at LINCO BAXO industrie refrattari S.p.A.).

Termination of licence agreement with LINCO GmbH.
Incorporation of INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES & ENGINEERING S.r.l. in order to provide engineering to group companies and to end users.

BAXO GmbH/DÜSSELDORF was established with german partners, previously managers at LINCO GmbH.
Development of ULC and FCC castables BAXOVIBRO.

Both LEVATE plants were regrouped into LINCO BAXO industrie refrattari S.p.A.
The factory was then completely integrated and automated into new production lines.
All products were grouped into the three ranges LINCO, BAXO and KERO.

LINCO BAXO quality system has been awarded accreditation to ISO 9001, first refractory company in Italy to be garanted approval under ISO 9001.

Bexbach plant has been taken over by BAXO GmbH; BAXO and KERO range of products has been manufactured in Germany – Development of self-flowing mixes KEROFLOW.

INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES & ENGINEERING S.r.l. quality system has been awarded accreditation to ISO 9001.

LINCO BAXO INTERNATIONAL LTD. – LONDON was established as an independent company to distribute worldwide the complete range of products.

LINCO BAXO AUSTRIA was established to distribute in central/east Europe the complete range of products. Erection of a new processing plant for raw materials at ARCENE (BG).

Joint-venture with experienced managers to manufacture special refractories for glass industry: ROVELLASCA (CO) plant was built.

Incorporation of LINCO BAXO BENELUX BV. to distribute the complete range of products into Benelux and some areas of Middle-East.
Erection of vermiculite expansion facilities at LEVATE (BG) plant; grades of this product are branded Vermiculite “Green Forest”.

MAREF SPA – Bondeno (FE), a domestic leading manufacturer of insulating/refractories, has been taken over by Linco Baxo Group of Companies.
This step allows the group to build up a comprehensive product portfolio.

Incorporazione per fusione della Maref spa nella Linco Baxo industrie refrattari spa.
Trasferimento unità produttiva TEC REF di Rovellasca (CO) a Zerbinate di Bondeno (FE) e relativa incorporazione nella Linco Baxo Group of Companies.

Costruzione di un terzo forno a tunnel per alta temperatura nello stabilimento di Bondeno (FE).

Creation of LINCO BAXO RUSSIA to distribute the full range of products into Russia and CSI countries.

A comprehensive 5 years planning is carried out at the italian plants, whose highlights are:

  • Bondeno (FE) plant:  new PH1200 Sacmi pressing machine to manufacture large bottom blocks for glass and heavy-clay.
  • Bondeno (FE) plant: 7 new robots to handle refractories.
  • Bondeno (FE) plant: 2 new extruders for insulating bricks and 2 new additionals dryers.
  • Bondeno (FE) plant: new cutting and grinding equipment to machine large blocks to fine tolerances.
  • Bondeno (FE) plant: 800 sqm pre-assembly platform with crane bridge.
  • Zerbinate (FE) plant: new cutting and grinding equipment to machine glass channels and superstructures to fine tolerances.
  • Zerbinate (FE) plant: 400 sqm pre-assembly platform with crane bridge.
  • Levate (BG) plant: 2 new robots to handle bagged castables.
  • Levate (BG) plant: upgrading of central laboratory with all the necessary equipment for any tests.

Purchase of some assets from SIRMA S.p.A. such as trademark, product know how and brandnames.

Restart of manufacturing of international approved products such as SIRMA 95 AT© & 99 AT©, SIRCAST©, SIRBRATE©, PROMOCAST©, PROMOGUN©, SIRGUN LC©, SIRPLAST© E SIRCOL©.

Development of LICO-DRY© fast firing range of products.

  • Development and production of the new range of insulating firebrick Alpor.
  • Start up of metallic anchors production at Bondeno plant (FE).
  • General shareholder meeting to Increase the capital from Eur 2.995.468 to Eur 5.164.600 targeted to back up company future development.



LINCO BAXO group annual turnover (EURO) for each of the last three years:

2020 21.200.000 25.900.000 47.100.000
2021 22.200.000 25.800.500 48.000.500
2022 14.282.000 35.238.000 49.520.000

Overall production of the group is in excess of 90.000 tons per year and the whole organisation employs more than 250 people of 24 different nationalities.


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